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Established in 2013, Bahamian Escapes Magazine set out to promote the finest offerings in real estate, travel and lifestyle throughout The Bahamas. Now BE Luxury Magazine, our team of editors deliver in-depth market insights, investor stories, design highlights, journeys of local artists and more.

The Bahamas Maintains Its Position As The #1 Destination For Beachfront Home Buys In The Caribbean

The Bahamas Maintains Its Position as the No. 1 Destination for Beach Front Home Buys What’s in your future? Is it living in a desirable home perched in paradise with wondrous architecture and direct beach access? Your vision is to be awakened by the sound of hitting waves and to be captivated by radiant marine landscapes seen from your windows or terrace. House goals like this can be achieved without being consumed by a troublesome

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3 Islands In The Bahamas For Absolute Peace and Serenity

Three Bahamian Islands For Absolute Peace and Serenity The Bahamas is a stunning archipelago full of incredible islands to visit and kick your feet up while taking in the reposeful sea breezes year-round. If you’re planning on being a first time visitor and looking to explore an unrated destination, the opportunities are endless. For frequent travelers, too, the question is most likely “how can I experience something new?” You’ve visited the irresistible well-known islands like

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Justin Beiber and Connor McGregor Play Tennis In The Bahamas

Justin Beiber and Conor McGregor Bump Playing Tennis In The Bahamas Conor McGregor says he “randomly” bumped into Justin Bieber on a tennis court in the Bahamas. The UFC legend and music star have formed a friendship over the years and were most recently pictured together in Beverly Hills last July. This time their chance encounter was in the Caribbean sunshine as the pair hugged and enjoyed a chitchat, The Sun reports. McGregor posted on Instagram:

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5 Benefits of Investing In The Bahamas

Five Benefits of Investing In The Bahamas About 7 million people visited the Bahamas in 2019, and this number is increasing overall. While some want to visit these beautiful islands of the coast of Florida, others want to invest in them. There’s no shortage of investment opportunities in gorgeous vacation spots like the Bahamas, but some of the best opportunities are in real estate. Since the Caribbean is far more of a tourist destination than an

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