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Why Many Bahamians Are
Choosing Outer-Island Living

The history of out-island living dates back to when settlers first came to The Bahamas. Many, looking for a place of refuge, discovered some outer islands and cleverly migrated to them. Despite being less developed than capital cities like New Providence and Grand Bahama, today, many Bahamians are still selecting the splendid out-islands to call home.

From the Abacos, to the Exumas and even down to Long Island, out-islands are seeing population increases due to Bahamians making the choice to stay on these pleasant rustic enclaves and thrive. The serene outer-islands of the Bahamas give you true beauty like no other and the question should actually be, why not choose out-island living?

You may ask which is the best to settle on and the discussion becomes debatable. Though they all give their inhabitants divine places to see and a lot of land to wander, each outer-island also offers something unique. Eleuthera & Harbour Island, with its impressive pink or white sand vistas and affable people would make many want to dwell there. Then, there’s Andros being the island of choice for those who enjoy natural wildlife. The discourse on specific reasons can go on but the one thing that has been certain for a while now is that many Bahamians actually prefer living the island life.

Here are some top motives behind their decisions to reside in the outer-islands:

1. Peaceful Environment – The tranquility possessed by outer-islands is attractive to many in The Bahamas. Individuals tend to appreciate living in a relaxed setting, away from all of the hustle and bustle that city life brings. With limited street lights and traffic build up, people find it refreshing to be on an out-island at peace. The quietness and placidity can be charming for those who desire it. There is a favorable laid-back ambiance worth praising. An out-island embodies the authentic definition of paradise with its ever so calm surroundings. Palm trees rustling in the wind and beach waves hitting the sandy shores is most of what you’ll hear on an out-island, providing a sweet solace to its residents.

2. Appealing to their LifestyleOut-island living is ideal for the fishing enthusiast that would hop on a boat more than they hop in a car. Bahamians that frequently indulge in sea adventures, would rather the ocean be their backyard. Out-islands fit the lifestyle of the everyday snorkelers, divers and boaters, whether it is for work or play. People who love a good hunting trail or fun sailing regattas are typically inclined to make an outer-island home purchase. Those who bask in eco-friendly explorations and spend most of their time on the beach, choose to abide on an out-island. Furthermore, some outer-islands also have luxury infrastructure and exquisite culinary scenes. The marine, down-home but elegant way of life is the perfect rationale for moving to an out-island.

3. Desirable home investments- Most of the outer-islands in the Bahamas hold stunning real estate. Beach bungalows, ocean-front villas and verandah style homes are commonly found for sale on these islands. You can also come across a variety of cozy single-family homes with massive yard spaces. Such developments are normally at the forefront of a Bahamian’s dream, so many decide to invest in them. There are countless opportunities on the out-islands  to own a house with special architecture, private marinas, patios, large decks, and glass sliding doors. With the help of BE Luxury Real Estate and their offerings, purchasing a home on an outer-island is possible.

4. Privacy– When living out an outer-island, residents experience more privacy than on any other settlement. Homes are usually built in areas that you can have to yourself or share with a small few. You are on a remote atoll and away from grand public attention. Exclusivity is a major benefit to outer-island living and this is a reason why Bahamians look to these islands as an escape.

5. ‘Family Island’ Communities- Bahamians regularly reminisce the idea of being able sit on their front porches and hail neighbors or the habit of  leaving doors of their homes unlocked without worrying about a burglary. You can still find this sense of comfort in some out-islands which is why many are choosing to live in these places. The tight knit intimate culture is appealing to the hearts of people still seeking this type of society. On the outer islands, knowing and being familiar with everyone is a prevalent notion. You have the one or two community stores to shop at and other inhabitants can be very friendly.

Bahamian natives and people of the soil often brag about not wanting to ever leave the outer island where they were born and raised. We see how easy it is to fall in love. If you’re pondering a move to an outer-island, hopefully this list of reasons can encourage your decision. BE Luxury Real Estate has a selection of outer-island options listed and one can potentially be yours.