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Top 3 Underrated Islands in the Bahamas for
True Peace and Serenity

The Bahamas is a stunning Caribbean archipelago full of incredible islands to kick your feet up while taking in the reposeful sea breezes. If you’re you’re looking to explore an underrated destination as a first-time visitor, the opportunities are endless. For frequent visitors too, the question is most likely “how can I experience something new?” You’ve visited the irresistible well-known islands like Nassau, Exuma, Abaco, and Eleuthera, but you’re now looking for new scenery and the chance to encounter surreal bliss. Finding underground restaurants and souvenir stores can be an exciting feeling for travelers but you didn’t know you needed to discover these hidden gems of islands until now. In these untapped locations, it’s still possible to capture the most Instagram-worthy photos and be immersed in serene relaxation. Here are three unpopular Bahamian islands that are worth a stay:

Long Island

Image by Enrico Pescatini, Pecsart.com

The first underrated island is Long Island. This beautiful 60 mile stretch of paradisiacal goodness split by the Tropic of Cancer, makes for a great adventure. As the name suggests, there is boundless potential for an unforgettable journey. Graced with astonishing sites like the Dean’s Blue Hole, you are certainly able to cater to your inner wanderlust in Long Island. Dean’s Blue Hole is the second deepest blue hole in the world designed for unprecedented activity. Avid swimmers can plunge into the remarkable bucket-list-rated abyss ranging 663 feet. Suitable for world-class free diving and snorkeling, you come across colorful reefs, sharks, and more at this attraction. Not really braced for such a daring underwater escapade just yet? That’s okay! In Long Island, you can enjoy prime fishing and boating excursions or scope historical caves. Charming lodges on this island that’s not highly talked about include aesthetically pleasing cottages, resorts, villas, and beachfront homes set for the perfect escape. The ultimate win for this atoll is the tranquility. Views are immaculately poised with the sparkling crystal clear ocean and sandy pristine grounds to create a peaceful vibe.

San Salvador

Image by Bahamas.com

If you are thinking about lounging around an uncrowded beach wearing your newest sunglasses and just being amazed by nature, then the long passed unnoticed island of San Salvador is just for you. Spend most of your days basking in the sunlight and imprint your name or footsteps on the gorgeous secluded seashores in the southeast of the Bahamas. Home of just a little over a thousand residents, this getaway haven reigns supreme as a leisure dream. On the quiet enclave, you’ll stumble across some ultra-exclusive newly built homes and resorts. If you plan to break away from unwinding and wish to sight-see, there are monumental local landmarks like the Dixon Hill Lighthouse or the Long Bay stone cross which marks where Christopher Columbus made his first landfall. Scuba dive underwater and you can also observe where the La Pinta ship dropped anchor. San Salvador is the Bahamas’ best-kept secret and an ideal destination to seek peace amid city bustle. Hop on a chartered boat to be whisked away to a nearby private cay or grab tasty food at unassuming native restaurants. Truly remote and magical, nothing beats the atmosphere and experiences you’ll unlock on this island.

Cat Island

Cat Island Bahamas, Greenwood beach resort for diving. ©Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism

Overshadowed by the vacation hotspots that aren’t too far away, Cat Island sits in the central area of the Bahamas and is just a short distance from San Salvador. This untouched treasure carries you from exhilarating hiking trails to impressive pink-sand beaches. Quaint in style but still very build upon culture, Cat Island remains virtually under the radar. There, you won’t get a night at a renowned casino or nightclub but you’ll definitely have ample settings to unplug. Homes with lush living arrangements and tropical landscapes are available on the island to help make the most out of your trip. Go full-on insular life and try paddleboarding or kayaking. In addition, you can secure spectacular memories while touring Mt. Alvernia, the highest point in the country that rises 63 feet. Find time to take a look at sea turtles and stingrays or take an exciting bike ride. During your visit, you’ll be captivated by the majestic community and the delectable bites from the local Fish Fry. Above all, nestled into Cat Island are historic revelations, great Bahamian traditions, and a beauty like no other.

If you’ve started on your summer vacation to-do list already, consider these tucked-away islands in the Bahamas that rarely get any mention. Discover placidity more than anything if you’re seeking to be away from traffic or overpopulated locations.

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