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Billionaires Are Escaping to
These Majestic Bahamian Islands

It is no secret that mega-rich people take delight in skipping off to tropical destinations to enjoy the luxury called paradise. Whether it is to stay in their posh vacation homes for some time or completely move to such tranquil and stunning areas, Caribbean countries remain go-to retreats for the wealthy. With over 700 impressive islands and cays, the options are endless in the Bahamas. Most, if not all of the islands in the country possess an alluring attraction that screams getaway to almost anyone. Some of them, however, uniquely garner an appeal that attracts billion-dollar wealth. These main islands which are populous of extremely-affluent buyers, each give their dwellers something different.

Here’s a look at the top Bahamian Islands individuals with a really large net-worth are escaping to:


The Exumas

Going to the Exumas is an established trend for billionaires looking for the most charming location. It includes 365 cays of pure bliss. It is justifiably a top choice with stellar pristine landscapes, the world clearest seas and a diverse culinary scene. The fast-growing population and visitation rate of Exuma is also largely due to the fact that you can take short boat rides to magical attractions, making every day an adventure being there. There are many exquisite listings in inhabited areas or investors can purchase secluded private islands in the Great Exumas to call their own.


The Abacos

It is not hard to notice the desirability to escape to The Abacos. The 120-mile chain that lies on the northern end of the Bahamas consists of numerous fun districts and cays, making it the perfect destination to island hop. Abaco is a hot spot for those that enjoy fishing and boating. It captures the essence of a luxurious lifestyle hosting several golf courses, marinas and quaint resorts. With valuable developments that range from colonial-inspired cottages to homes offering panoramic awe-inspiring views, Abaco brings in the wealthy from almost anywhere.


New Providence & Nassau

Among the top Bahamian islands billionaires are escaping to, New Providence, is included. While you won’t get the highest level of tranquility on this island, you get the ultimate experience of living lavishly which is perfectly inviting to uber-rich individuals. Small in size but mighty in explorations, going to New Providence and the capital city, Nassau is the escape suitable for the prosperous urbanites. From high-end restaurants for fine-dining to sumptuous shopping options, it has an established metropolitan element. In New Providence lies the most elaborate properties in sophisticated neighborhoods that Billionaires can score.


Eleuthera & Harbour Island

The wealthy have taken flight to Eleuthera & Harbour island as well. Nothing beats the ocean front beautifully designed homes and upscale resorts centered on these Bahamian havens that are just a mile distanced from each other. Aside from the quality properties located in this northwest region of the country, historical natural wonders like the Glass Window Bridge and the Pink Sand Beach make visits and residing an absolute treat. There is also a hassle free and serene environment that blankets both islands, which many tend to fall in love with.


Paradise Island

Billionaires taking refuge on the renowned Paradise Island has been occurring for years. Staying on the enchanting atoll allows quick access to New Providence or the Atlantis resort stationed on the island where you’ll discover luxury spas, a casino, bars and nightclubs. Paradise Island gives major vacation vibes and the real estate market exudes luxury. Glamorous homes, villas, and condos are priced at $2.7 million on average. Most of these are found in the exclusive community on the island called the Ocean Club Estates or on the premises of Atlantis.


Grand Bahama & Freeport

Another island where super rich people are holidaying is Grand Bahama. The enclave positioned in the Atlantic Ocean can be seen as a fun and festive setting year-round. Traveling to the city of Freeport in Grand Bahama, billionaires get the opportunity to enjoy swank rentals or manor house investments with seaside sceneries. They also flock there to stay in uninterrupted lush resorts and yacht clubs.  Attractions like the Port Lucaya Marketplace shimmers just minutes away from several opulent areas. In this piazza, you can luxuriate in an array of specialty stores or be immersed by cultural entertainment.


The Bahamas is seeing an influx of wealthy travelers since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more billionaires are fleeing to these main majestic islands that grant them the utmost utopia as well as access to wonderful nature and scenic views during lockdowns. Private jets are landing and fancy boats are docking into these hideaways daily for well-off individuals to experience pleasant stays in the most elegant dwellings. For the best vacation home or second home selections or even the finest abodes to permanently reside in, contact BE Luxury Real Estate to make your next purchase.