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5 Reasons Wealthy Buyers
are Choosing The Bahamas

The Bahamas has always been a desirable investment hub for individuals who fit the wealthy buyer description. From star-studded celebrities to the uber-rich elites that are comparably more private, opulent people from everywhere have been making big purchases in the country for as long as real-estate industry experts can remember. It can be quite hard to tell what lures in a person who most likely won’t feel a pinch to their pockets after a major buy. Many people would assume that the sun, sand and sea is just enough to entice them. However, the motives behind well-off clients acquiring properties on the islands go beyond that surface. Here are five reasons why wealthy buyers are deciding to invest in the Bahamas:

1. Sophisticated Locations

With a large selection of multi-million dollar developments found in swank districts, making luxury purchases in the Bahamas is no unfamiliar concept. There are a number of home investments with a stunning elegant appeal, situated in posh areas. This is ideal for the affluent buyer. Many of the luxurious real-estate listings in The Bahamas are located directly within top-rated high-end resorts like the Atlantis or in upscale gated communities like Ocean Club, Albany, and Lyford Cay; all boasting state-of-the-art facilities and massive golf courses. Wealthy buyers have the ability to scope such areas for the perfect penthouses, condos, or grand mansions that suit their liking. Options are not limited in The Bahamas, making it easy for these individuals to score exactly what they are looking for. Ofcourse, with tailored assistance from BE Luxury and their brilliant team of advisors, the process of a wealthy person selecting a valuable property is made even easier.

2. Private Island Options

In the Bahamas, there is also no shortage of private islands available to purchase, each one being special and charming enough to attract a prosperous buyer. Typically, wealthy people prefer to reside in a place that provides remoteness and exclusivity. Private islands in the Bahamas offer all of that and more. Those looking for an ultimate retreat, sizing thousands of square feet, can invest in majestic private islands, positioned in remarkable archipelagos like the Exuma Cays or even Abaco.

3. Steady Economy

Wealth talk cannot go on for much longer without discussing economics.  The Bahamas has some beneficial economic aspects that contribute to the rationale behind choosing to invest large dollars in the beautiful country. With strong and thriving industries like tourism and banking, it has been able to sustain a stable economy. Additionally, who doesn’t love a place that can limit the headache associated with conversion rates? The fact that the Bahamian dollar is on par with the US dollar is another compelling factor.

4. Tax Breaks

The economic environment of The Bahamas can be seen as even more distinguished when looking at the favorable tax breaks that residents get to enjoy. There is no income, estate or corporate taxation imposed in the country, which means wealthy people get to save. The burden of high-taxes tends to plague other countries around the world but The Bahamas is just one of the few that can be tax-friendly. Cash-rich investors find this to be an extreme win for them in most cases which is why they choose to spend and live in the country.

 5. Incredible Vacation Homes

The Bahamas is commonly listed among the countries that are praised for their impeccable beauty. Wealthy buyers are always looking for places to purchase a vacation home and developments found on the gorgeous Bahamian islands are second to none.  The perennial attractiveness of the country is derived from the alluring beaches that possess crystal-clear blue waters, shimmering sand landscapes and viridescent palms trees. You can find an impressive collection homes very near to these beaches which is perfect for a relaxing ambiance and scenic views.

If you’re a wealthy buyer looking to choose the best real estate in the Bahamas, get the help you need from BE Luxury